Any business exposes itself to certain risks. Each day of operation presents a chance of damage, injury, or loss to the company and/or its employees. Risk in inevitable, but there are ways to manage and control exposure to risks that can cause loss of time and money. With over 40 years of experience, Robert McIntyre has developed a unique set of tools to help you manage the risks that your business may face. Take advantage of our innovative client portal, RMI Connect, in order to gain access to information that can help you to more conveniently control loss within your company. The information available to you through RMI Connect includes OSHA recording logs for easy documentation and analysis, as well as links to workers’ compensation state statute overviews. There are also resources that allow clients to gain information from and make comparisons to industry peers. The risk-management information and tools Robert McIntyre can provide will prove invaluable to the successful operation of your business.

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